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There Just Had to be a Better Way

After witnessing an endless loop of unhappy customers, burnt-out developers, degrading code quality, and poor software performance early in his software development career, our founder and chief executive Bulama Yusuf felt there had to be a better way to deliver software. So he started Intellectual Apps.

At Intellectual Apps, we have created an environment where software is at the heart of all we do. Our software development teams enjoy creating software and always aim to produce high-quality code. Our customers love the software we build for them.

Our mission is to deliver impeccable value to businesses through software.


If it has to be done, then it just has to be done right. Poor quality is expensive.


The secret to successful software development is communication. Whether it’s relating with the customer, or among team members achieving clear communication and shared understanding is important to us.

Attention to Details

The little things matter. Our years of experience have taught us that paying attention to details produces beautiful outcomes. 

What Customers Say


Emily – Senior Digital Health Advisor, Abt Associates


Shahed – CTO, Zakatify LLC.

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