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Product Description

Pentor helps youth find and engage with positive role models and mentors in their area or online, using a card-based swiping interface to facilitate connection based on background, skills, and shared interests. Individuals who sign up to be mentors will be vetted and given guidelines and best practices so that they can provide safe and responsible online or in-person guidance to young people who may be struggling with their identity or other challenges. The application uses an algorithm the takes several things into consideration before lining up best fitting mentor suggestions.

When Affinis Labs LLC. needed to bring this idea to life they turned to us and we worked closely with them in ensuring that every bit of detail that they wanted came through exactly how they wanted it.

Product Features

  • Easy sign up with email and social accounts (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Card-based swiping interface for an interactively finding suitable mentors.
  • Simple categorization of interests and sub-interests for easy mentor discovery.
  • A sleek chat interface for mentor-mentee interaction.
  • Mentor relationship rating.
  • Tools for blocking, removing and reporting users to ensure a conducive community.

From the Client

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