Zakatify App

      Client Affinis Labs LLC
      Production Date April 2017
      Used Skills Android, iOS, Microservices


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      Current State of Zakatify

      Zakatify is currently in Closed Beta Testing and since the client for this app is based in the US, the app is restricted to the US only. However, for the purpose of the assessment a signed APK can be found here

      Project Description

      Zakatify was built with the goal to revolutionalize charitable giving. Charitable organisations have always been around and a bulk of their funds come from individuals and other organizations. Zakatify takes this model and makes it digital and not just that it also gamifies charitable donations and encourages a deeper social engagement. So when the team at Affinis Labs needed to get this idea out in the real world, they turned to us. The rest they say is history.

      Product Features

      • Deep integration with credit card payment platforms including PayPal.
      • Secure user-account access and interaction.
      • Gamification of the individual donation process.
      • Access to a wide range of charities.
      • Social sharing and interaction.


      From the Client


      Affinis Labs LLC

      Co-founder: Quintan

      Co-founder: Shahed


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