Here's Our Story

We are on a mission to deliver impeccable value to organisations through software

Imagine. Design. Create.

Our time and attention is what creates value (the final product) for our clients, this is what clients pay for. Very early on I discovered that software development is really not about what is delivered at the end of the day (this is important) but more about how it is delivered, the process of delivery. So when I set out to establish Intellectual Apps I made sure that we place value creation at the center of all we do, that is why we emphasize collaboration, short feedback cycles and working software early on. We constantly improve this process so it is always at its very best.

Bulama Yusuf

CEO & Founder

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We can realize any projects!

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A Team Of Intellectuals

To us, an Intellectual is a professional who adheres to the highest standards, works excellently well with others, pursues mastery and finds delight in sharing knowledge. We carefully pick people who poses these qualities and place them in a work environment they can flourish in and deliver impeccable value.

Everything Is Designed. Few Things Are Designed Well.

Our software development process is engineered for change. Software is not cast, it evolves and we offer a development process that supports this.

Here's where we are headed

To be a trusted thought leader & innovative IT solution provider for humanity.

Our Core Values



We earn and keep our client’s trust in us


We’ve got your back and always will


Evolve your app as you imagine
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Our History

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